Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wind and Wuthering

Tuesday 7.30 a.m
We planned to go over to Edinburgh today but the severe weather warnings from the Met office changed our minds. I awoke at 6.45 a.m and heard the rain and wind battering the Duchy! Last night we watched "Endeavour" on ITV1 and I thought it was excellent. I am a great fan of Inspector Morse,less so of Lewis but loved this new  Endeavour. Morse was depicted in his youth of the 1960s and his earliest days of detective work.Well worth a watch chaps.
I couldn't resist this 18th century picture of a windy day in Edinburgh in the days when she was the Athens of the North.
Yesterday tried to sort things out re hobby stuff,paint a little and think about what to do this year, One definite is to game more. Hopefully to establish a monthly game with my regular opponent Phil. The ACW will feature large in our gaming and plans. I have sent for a couple of artillery pieces complete with crews and odd figures to complete units in the brigade. Hopefully Dixon will dispatch these soon. I am keen to solo game more too- time and energy allowing. With this in mind I have shifted all the Umstrittental units into a box file for pickupability.I am more inclined to game if I don't have to hunt stuff out. Gosh that wind is hollowing outside- last year snow this year wind? The Forth Bridges are suseptible to closure and this "ups" things greatly with regard to travelling to work. I am fortunate to not have to go out today! Other hobby plans are up in the air at the moment.I have loads of ideas,half finished schemes and loads of lead around. I feel I have lost my way a little with vbcw gaming- I never game it ,try to model too diverse a range of stuff and don't really get anywhere with it. Yesterday I found a half started project of 1860's Old School style wargaming set in Tradgardland. Some figures looked good and I could have enough for some gaming- hmmmm. Loads to think about as I pour another coffee and throw a metaphorical log on the metaphorical fire...
Finally the title of this post came from an album by the band Genesis who I have loved since I discovered them in my teens- this album was possibly one of their best in my opinion.


  1. My better half kicked herself as she forgot to SkyPlus it. I am glad to heard it was good.

  2. The Morse programme sounds good, and I think Duke is my favourite Genesis album. The old school idea is very interesting and within 2 days of starting a new project for eighteenth century Imagi-nation I am already looking at late 19th century Funny Little Wars.

  3. Six large trees have blown down in the woods to the rear of our house! Incredible wind... too many sprouts presumably!
    And "Trick of the Tail" or "And then there were three..." for me, though not much of a Genesis man myself.
    Happy New Year Alan, and keep on blogging. Good for the wargaming soul.
    Phil... the other Phil.

  4. I'm with Phil - Trick of the Tail for me I think by a smidgeon - though with W&W and Then There Were Three they were undoubtedly their best trilogy of albums... at the top of their game..

    Endeavour *was* good - almost a shame that they aren't going to do more....

  5. ACW, ACW... grrrr :)

    In remembrance of your 'Army Red and White', what about the SCW (Swiss Civil War) -and no, it's NOT a joke!

    19th C. Tradgarland would bring more 'continuity' / self-consistency to your wargaming activities...

    Funny and totally appropriate image, as usual.

    "I feel I have lost my way a little with <> I have loads of ideas."
    Too many ideas, if I may in all friendship :)

    Best regards,