Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A room with a view etc

A view from behind our kitchen sink (beside our old backdoor) into the the extension.This was the scene a few days ago. Now the old  window and door have been removed  the whole extended kitchen is here in all its glory  with room for table,chairs etc in the new part.Work has slowed on the kitchen (as it will now be referred to) but will start next week again with plastering ,painting then flooring.We are delighted with it.It has been used already as a very pleasant place to read ,chat or eat.
I have reached the point in term when I sleep even worse,wake constantly in the night to think of 101 things to be completed before the end of the term and can think of little else.Odd lucid moments are spent with the family or in brief hobby speculations which I note down before they disappear forever.Attempts to paint or solo gaming have dried up completely.Solace is found in the sun or pottering in the garden Hols begin a week on Friday and I can't wait but I must press on until then...


  1. Extension looks great so far. Keep soldiering on, and really relax during the hols. My boys have got ages to go until the summer break (starts end July).

  2. Looks good! It's amazing how much space an apparently 'small' extension makes. As for work - nearly there, old chap!