Monday, 3 June 2013

Interwar Swedes,Lutherans and changes to the Duchy...

The Duchy at the weekend prior to the extension starting...
The Duchy this morning as foundations get dug outside the back door of the house... further updates tomorrow.

I am awaiting my Swedes and still am thinking about quite to use them for. This is an enjoyable process as I travel to work and am too fatigued to read. I have decided to use them in a VBCW setting and perhaps also in another interwar scenario. Only the standard bearer needs to be different.

I intend to field a platoon of Swedish troops who are volunteers for the Anglican League and/or the League of St Andrews. The premise is that they are fellow "High-Church " travellers with the anglo-catholic element  within the Cof E. They are a mixture of idealists ( the sort of Swede who volunteered in the SCW and /or the Finnish War) and members of organisations like Societas Sanctæ Birgittæ and S:t Sigfrids Brödraskap who support the theological aims and mores of the Anglican League .
Michael posted this organisation below-
A swedish Infantry platoon by the time was composed of:

1x Platoon commander (Sabre and Pistol)
1x 2nd in command (Sabre and Pistol)
2x Runners (Rifle)
4x Rifle squads (12 men each, 11 with Rifles and 1 with LMG)

In total 52 men 

The Swedish infantry squad was composed of:
1x Gruppchef / Squad leader with rifle
1x Stf. gruppchef / 2nd in command with rifle
1x Skytt / LMG gunner with LMG m/21
9x Skyttar / Riflemen

In total 12 men. 

I will field 3 Rifle squads- one of lay members of the SSB and /or theological students  studying for the Lutheran Priesthood, one of volunteers relying on their National service Training and one of volunteers from diverse backgrounds such as members of the Swedish Sailor's Church and  the Ulrika Eleonora Swedish Parish in London.
As ever your thoughts on my ideas are most welcome...


  1. Greate to heare about your plans for the interwar Swedish minis !

    I will follow your progress closely.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Interesting stuff to think about. Keep posting pics of the extension in progress. In the second photo the white part of the house looks very 1920's?art deco.