Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Reasons to buy Swedish Part 1 ( apologies to Ian Dury for the title...)

I have followed the coming of these splendid 28 mm Swedish figures for some time-
Hopefully they will be available soonish and I have been thinking of ideas to use them for-

  1.  As Lutherans for the League - Swedish troops coming to support their Anglican League chums in the VBCW under their leader  Prof Yngve Brilioth of the University of Lund
  2. As troops sent by the Swedish Monarchy to aid Edward viii
  3. A raiding party in 1938 to land in the Scottish isles
  4. A continuation of tension between Norway and Sweden - an imaginary refight of  the issues of 1905 
  5. To form part of an interwar army for the Duchy of Tradgardland or to form opponents for it
  6. Some sort of Swedish Civil War scenario - still need to do loads more research on this one
This is as far as I have got.As ever I would really like to hear your ideas and suggestions.So over to you...


  1. You got some very interesting Ideeas there Alan !

    I´m glad that you like the Ådalen minis, I realy hope Björn and the Caster get them up for sale soon.

    Best regards Michael

  2. Alan, I replied to your question in the comments of my S-B blog.

    -- Jeff

  3. Alan I love the idea for them being Lutherans for the Anglican League.

  4. Ådalen Miniatures shop is live now! But it is a secret (for a few minutes at least).

    Go here to order your Swedes:

    It is a partnership with HistoriFigs in US.

    1. Just bought 30 of these splendid figures- I can't wait to see them coming through the post to me!!!!!!