Thursday 2 May 2013

Little Wars Centenary Part the First...

Evening all!
As Tim Gow has already posted an excellent introduction to the weekend in terms of people involved and armies used I will restrict myself to showing my photos and commenting about them.Pop over to Tims's blog here-

.Firstly to say I was rather disappointed that Army Red/White were not at the event.Although posted in time they did not get there due to some Postal Issues.The good news is that they have not got lost and will be sent back here soon.Big apologies to Al Front whose figures therefore did not get an outing.At least they are safe.
Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge them...
Paul Wright very kindly furnished me with an Army Red for the duration of the weekend consisting of Naval Brigade types and sundry British troops in the form of cavalry and cyclists.They are pictured above with  a solitary Swiss figure ( brought down by plane by me and bought around 1970 in Switzerland,a composition material figure)  I used as my sniper. The photos are of the first game which was the battle of Hook's Farm- note splendid ecclesiastical building on table. Due to inclement weather we played the game inside in the glorious Mess which was fascinating to see.
Here is an incident from the game where my plucky cyclists were about to charge a limbered gatling gun...
Army Red cavalry in the process of securing the church which was their objective. On the other side of the building my opponent's chaps were doing the same...
Note plucky Naval Brigade in support and Staff at the rear not to mention my sniper opening fire around the corner. A very close game indeed and great fun .Further photos and comments later.


  1. I'm glad you got to play! I love the cyclist's You had a great venue, love those table's and excellent figures by Paul.

  2. Alan, what a blow! You poor fellow - let down by logistics, and not the first commander to suffer in that way! But I suppose it was a sort of dry run, a painless full scale logistics exercise, for your stout fellows. Now you O/C support will be able to see where he went wrong - from the comfort of retirement.