Wednesday 1 May 2013

May Day

A Happy May Day from all in the Duchy of Tradgardland. May the sun shine upon you as you celebrate...
Whatever Blogger indicates it is actually now May here in the Duchy.


  1. And what a glorious morning it is too. Thinking of Mayday celebrations in Oxford is not a giant leap to the ECW.

    Your Peter Young article has revived my own project for the Civil Wars. I have been sorting and rebasing in order to follow the Masters organisation, though with less command figures.

    Rather than constantly interrupt your comments pages I have started up my blog again to chart my progress. I would like to put a link back to your original post in March and copy some of the articles content if this is OK with you.

    Finally, a note of caution. Looking at the chronology of events Peter Young publishes Charge, moves into ECW, has a range of figures designed by Ted Suren and then gives up wargaming. Could that be due to trying to move these units of individually based pikemen? Individual basing is important but I am putting mine on 20mm square magnetic bases so as to use metal movement trays.


    1. Good to hear from you John.
      Please do put a link/use the content etc as you see fit on your blog.I look forward to charting your progress.
      My "ECW/1670's Project" has been on the back burner of late with getting ready for the Little Wars Centenary etc.I hope to revive it this summer.
      Movement trays magnetic bases sound a great idea too

  2. Happy May Day to you too, Duke! It's a wonderful crisp spring day here in the Shire, and I hope Tradgardland is enjoying the sun too.

  3. A happy May Day to the Duchy and all its subjects. Here on the edge of the slowly thawing Canadian prairie, we celebrate May Day by catching the first prairie dogs as they emerge sleepily from their dens and dance our traditional spring dances, swinging the gophers over our heads in time with the accordion.

    1. Sounds fun - do you have any pictures to share with us?

  4. Unfortunately May Day (and today as well) was nothing but a deary, rainy day. Blah!!!

    "What a dreary, dreary way
    to start the merry month of May."

    Why, I'm a poet and didn't know it. :^)