Monday 29 April 2013

I'm back..

Back Sunday evening after a fantastic weekend.Up and off to work soon so more pictures and tales anon.I the meantime a few taster photos-


  1. How wonderful... and the tiger skin rug adds period flavour to the proceedings.

  2. We wait, with bated breath. Quickly, post more!

  3. Rather classy digs you have to game in, Alan; a Gentleman's club with tiger skins and crossed assegais on the inside, and a nice bit of turf in the back when you want to get some air...

    Should I mention that I still have some snow in the back yard? It will be gone tomorrow finally (five months old snow banks, hard as ice), and the pasque flowers and crocus are out, so I can't winge too much

    Looks like a fun event, I am eager for news