Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Re Poll

As the poll appears to be as much use as a chocolate teapot could I ask you to leave a comment here making a choice of options as per the poll.Sorry for all the hassle this is turning out to be.


  1. As mentioned previously, any official asked pointed questions by foreigners will be economical with the truth.

    1. I fear that there may be some truth in what you say...

  2. On one hand I agree with Joppy. Guilds aren't exactly open to outsiders. On the other hand, secretive guilds also aren't likely to allow outsiders, particularly foreigners, to walk in off the street and then grant them an audience with the Guild's Master. I guess more information on the Guild and it's history would be required. Based on what I've read so far.
    1. The Guild is not a secret society of any sort. It also apparently is "open" to the public.
    2. The Guildmaster is apparently available to unscheduled "guests". Nothing was said about how many underlings the visitors had to go through to get to him, but getting to him was not, based on the story, over difficult.
    3. The fact that the visitors knew to come here would argue against the Guild Master not answering the questions the visitors asked. In fact, if the Guild has some kind of connection with the Pan-like figure, the fact the visitors had contact, of sorts, with the figure might make the Master more open with them.
    4. Of course, if the Guild Master was secretive with the visitors, it might lead them to a nocturnal "adventure" to the Guild House to find the information for themselves.
    I know this isn't much help, but I could see a good story coming out either way.
    And to add another possible plot line. If the folks taking "Pan" into custody were government officials, and word gets back to the government either via the Guildmaster telling them, or via an informant that foreigners are making inquiries, it might lead to the government moving against them.
    Gad's, it might be the role-player/GM in me, but I see a whole field full of rabbit trails for this situation regardless of how you might handle it.

    1. Soldier King
      I am indebted to yourself for the careful consideration you have given matters .You have left me much to ponder upon...

  3. Previously I thought our heroes should be set upon by ruffians. In reflection however I suspect that they are more lovers than fighters. I think the guildmaster should lie through his teeth but do so in such a charming and blatantly obvious manner that it should seem that he is trying to impart a deeper meaning.

  4. Interesting reflections and matters to ponder too...

  5. I had voted for a frank conversation so as to find out what is behind this guild (always impatient). However, joppy and co. make a good argument for the slow revealing of the truth. As for the ruffians, one assumes that they are always laying about. Ex-Freikorps no doubt. Their fists and pistols could be turned to good use with a guinea or two...