Monday 1 April 2013

Gardening and a Bordurian visitor...

It was sunny ,if cold in the Duchy today.My wife &I managed to get out into the garden- tidying up,moving rhubarb & blueberry bushes & a mature rosemary plant amongst other tasks.We also removed more turf from around the apple trees in order to help them to grow better hopefully-
I am pleased with my alpine planter which was planted up on Good Friday-
Some work was done on the cast of characters to inhabit the gardens of Tradgardland.I hope to assemble a variety of characters to interact,plot,scheme duel with each other.To this end an order was sent off to Front Rank for civilians to supplement  those I already have on the painting table...
May I present the first character- Ambassador Shredni Vastari of Borduria-
The ambassador is a guest of the Duke of Tradgardland's and makes a rather remote,preoccupied (perhaps by his hooka pipe and it's contents) and morose one at that. Perhaps it is something to do with the forthcoming visit of a representative from Syldavia expected at the Ducal court any day now...

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  1. Good gardening. I wish my lawn looked like that, rather than the sea of mud which it is at present, not good for garden gaming.