Saturday 20 April 2013

In the Grotto of Mercury or Arrivals and Departures in Tradgardland

A new visitor to The Duchy of Tradgardland,from Wolfstein, presents his compliments to the Bordurian Ambassador in the Grotto of Mercury. The Bordurian seems flustered by events going on in his proximity and tries to distract the Wolfsteiner by initiating  a discussion on the finer points of Real tennis but to no avail.
There, in the Grotto, are some rough Bordurian fellows dragging a strange figure further into the trees.The figure seems frightened as he is bound and gagged and  taken away...

The Bordurian Ambassador makes his excuses and follows his fellow countrymen into the trees.The visitor from Wolfstein looks perplexed and heads off in the opposite direction...


  1. Curses, the Prince Bishop missed the chance to capture the Satyr. Where did the Mercury come from? It's brilliant.

  2. The Mercury is a 70s casting I have had for years.The plinth is a discarded sewing bobbin I rescued from the bin yesterday.

    1. Looks like a Garrison figure. Good idea for the plinth.