Sunday 12 May 2013


Awoke around five with my mind filled with things I need to do for work over the next few weeks and beyond .I got up at six to distract myself.I am getting into that "sleeping less and less the more tired I get" cycle again and just feel exhausted all the time. Waking at nights unable to get off again and fretting.Here we go again...
Anyway I had a good time at Carronade yesterday.I met folk from my Edinburgh Uni &Legion Club days and it was good to see them. A number of games particularly caught my eye- A VBCW game with a great terrain and figures, a 54mm AWI battle which looked impressive and an ancients game in 28mm of an attack upon the Antonine Wall.
Purchases were limited to bases and movement trays for my 54mm FLW armies ( Warbases came up trumps again) and a copy of the new Osprey steampunk rules for some solo gaming.I have enough bits and bobs lying around in the garage to give them a whirl. My regular opponent bought Killer Katanas ii to move towards gaming the Japenese invasion of Korea in 28mm.I have the beginnings of a Ming army in 28mm and in time will add to it.I had a super lunch back at his house and a chance to look through the rules and the Korean supplement too.A good day out.
I had hoped to paint/base this morning but am too tired to even begin.We will see what the day brings...


  1. Alan I am sorry to hear about your sleep problems sounds like a right pain in the ......., but it does sound like a great day yesterday which is good.

  2. Yep. I know that sleep pattern. Go to bed early, wake up in night, can't get back to sleep ad infinitum. Those herbal nightols sometimes work, but leave me feeling s bit muzzy sometimes. Hope it sorts itself out.

  3. Perhaps it is time to change something up if it is work worries that are the origin of the fretting. Find a way to identify feasible daily tasks that can give you the chance to end the day knowing you made progress? I get this sleeplessness too (am marking course work on short deadline as I write!); I have to find a way to know I am making progress to beat it back down. Obviously, you have to find a little joy in there someplace as well.

    Good luck, Alan!