Monday, 20 May 2013


Well I am coming to the end of three and a half days off work. On Friday in preparation for some fencing work I completed the following holes working en famile-

Saturday saw me buying paint and brush for some hobby work.However due to feeling exhausted I did nothing with them but dozed at home while the rain lashed down. I think I must have some viral thingy.
I have been enjoying the Indian Premier League of late and the Sunrisers in particular.Delivery was taken over the weekend of some nostalgia-laden artillery for FLW-
as well as an extremely efficient Britains 25 pdr.
Sunday saw me with hardly any energy but I enjoyed the exciting cricket from India and the start of the RHS Centenary coverage from Chelsea. I am delighted to see they have relented and allowed gnomes in this year.In honour of this I am posting a picture of a 50 year old pottery gnome I chose as a very young chap-
 Today Monday saw me cutting the grass,bailing out rain from the postholes and taking delivery of a super book by H G Wells-
Floor Games preceeded Little Wars by a few years and is still well worth a read.Many ideas to be had...
By the end of the day my joiner and his son had made us a splendid gate and fence to give a little more privacy and a place to grow Clematis and other climbers up. In around 16 days work will begin here on an extension but more of that anon. Off soon to watch today's coverage from Chelsea and begin to gird my loins for tomorrow's in-service day of communal and individual navel gazing - SQUIP (standards and quality improvement plan ?) folowed by PRD preparation. It's worse than reading DBMM for accesabilty and clarity of thought...
Apologies to Mr Barker but you know where I am coming from I imagine!


  1. Garden looking good as is the gnome, a splendid fellow. Must look out for floor games. Hope all is well,

  2. It sounds like you have had a productive and restful few weeks.

    Good luck with getting to grips with the latest batch of stuff designed to make your job harder!

    All the best,


  3. The gnome is really fine - you obviously had a lot of taste as a wee chap. How about a climbing hydrangea for your fence, or a rambling rose?