Thursday, 6 March 2014

54 not out and Newspeak

I'm 54 today and can't believe I will be 65 in 11 years.
After a good meal with the family I opened my presents and found this-
On first perusal it looks full of delights and will be an enjoyable read and inspiration over the coming days.

At work today we had S.C.E - Shared Classroom Experience. In other words the Head coming in during class to observe me in action,talk quietly to random children interrogate them and them frantically type her thoughts on an i pad as she goes.Oh the joys of jargon ridden Education where we talk these days of "The Learning"- brave new world indeed.

Have a good evening I'm off to paint some wargs for the weekend...


  1. Please allow me to wish you a most wonderful and joy-filled "Happy Birthday", sir. May your future be filled with wonder and delight.

    -- Jeff

  2. Heads talking quietly? The world is turned upside down indeed! At least the children are still random :O)

    Kind regards, Chris.

  3. Happy birthday from the people of Indur good sir.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I am ten years ahead of you ... and enjoying every minute of my retirement.

    All the best,


  5. I hope you enjoy the present - and may I wish you joy of your birthday.

    My father worked for 37 years in education and left because of the kind of play acting you describe. I do not envy teachers these days.

  6. Many happy returns my dear fellow. May you have many more such days ( the family and presents bit, not the classroom inspection bit).

  7. Happy Birthday my friend and many more to come indeed!

  8. Belated Birthday Best Wishes old chap....... and please do give us all a taste of what's inside that fine looking book. Brian

  9. Many happy returns of the day !

  10. Happy birthday! 54 today, invert that and add it and note that in 45 years you'll be 99. It happens.

    Wargs sounds age appropriate to me. Enjoy.

  11. Happy Birthday - enjoy

    -- Allan

  12. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday etc...... Have a great time.