Sunday, 16 March 2014


I finally got round to gaming this afternoon. This is ,I think,the first game I have set up in the extension to the kitchen built just before the summer holidays.Do click on the photos for a better look-
It served very well indeed as it does for painting figures too. Now to the game:
Rules used were the Very Simple Generic Wargames Rules mentioned previously by Fitzbadger.
The battle report will continue later with more photos and some comments re the rules...


  1. Your setup looks great! I'll be interested to read your report and also curious what you think of the rules. Of course, when I used them I only used parts and made some additions and adaptations for my own specific scenario/use. I think that's one advantage of such a simple and generic set of rules. It's easy to adapt and "house rule" to taste.

  2. Goodness that is a lot of wolves (wargs?). Your kitchen looks like a tremendous place for a game with all that light. I wish you the joy of another such very soon.

  3. Nice spot for a game! Looking forward to the report.

  4. It's nice to see the old Minifigs out for a game!

  5. Ooh goody. A Middle Earth battle. Looking forward to seeing the report.