Friday, 21 March 2014

Mirkwood too

The game was great fun,the simple rules served well.Basic but fun.
 Next time I am thinking of a few tweaks - perhaps D8 s for Ents to represent their size & strength. The Ents will have to be "hit 3 or 4 times before they meet their demise. Goblins/orcs with axes with get a  +1 against Ents. Fire will be needed to be factored in...

The weekend has arrived ,Miniature Wargames too-thanks to my kind wife who bought it uptown today. I have some Minifigs to paint which arrived the other day . I am looking forward to seeing them with the Mythical Earth figures. The magazine is filled with great inspirational articles including a review of some figures who look like this-
Have a great weekend one and all- I look forward to reading about your projects...


  1. Great little game !, the figures look great !

  2. Yay! I always like to see good old wood elves prevail against goblins and wargs. Those simple rules are good, aren't they? Easily adaptable by doing things like changing dice size for ents or almost anything one can think of. I like the idea of starting with very simple basics and just adding a few bits here and there for flavor.

    Now that's an unusual (and somewhat frightening) creature!

    1. He's an example of a totally new (to me that is) concept in Japenese folklore- tsukumogami. The idea I think is that when an object reaches 100 years old it becomes fully alive and fully aware. As I had said it is a new one to me but fascinating.Just pop the word into Google and loads of interesting articles and pics come up....
      C P models make five of these charming creatures-
      and then scroll to the botttom of the page to see them.I am sooo tempted...

  3. Great little game. I always found Tolkien's elves to be a bit supercilious and loving themselves, but they are still better than Wargs. Crazy cocktail umbrella!