Saturday, 8 March 2014

Saturday in the Duchy

Went uptown and had coffee with Jan and daughter number 2,Anna- most enjoyable. Popped into Waterstone's and bought this book I had seen recently-
Looks as if it will be an interesting read.
After lunch the paints were got out and I worked on some Mythical Earth figures-
Rohirrim now rebased and completed .I have double mounted a few figures to represent those who have lost their mounts but have been rescued by their peers.
A couple of Olog-Hai trolls awaiting to accompany the Uruk-Hai into battle...
Hopefully time for a game tomorrow.


  1. I must admit - in a field that isn't a crowded one - D'Aunnzio is probably my favourite fascist. There's something about becoming a dictator and then immediately deciding that your first act is going to be proclaiming yourself poet laureate.

    It takes a certain class of lunatic to do that.

  2. Rohirrim look favourite army. Well done.

  3. The Rohirrim do look good (although I always picture them with green shields with white horse emblems). Sounds like a good Saturday.

  4. Ah those Rohirrim figures ! - mine ended up as mounted Vikings

  5. Lovely figures there Alan but not totally sure about the book