Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday in Tradgardland

The weather has been better over the weekend that expected and so the following happened-
Much of the weekend Jan & I gardened companionably and to good effect. We bumped into Tom, on Saturday, uptown and talked of Carronade next weekend in Falkirk which I also hope to attend.
Gardening for me is both a pleasure and therapy.It is honest toil rather than the exhaustion of 21st century work. Here is a picture I like-
We are made/hard-wired to be connected to the Land and little gives as much satisfaction/fun as growing things.
Earlier in the week Anna and Jan began to sort out the garden room/summerhouse across the patio from the kitchen.I now have an area to paint,think,model and enjoy which is connected to the outdoors.Here is what is on the painting table-
Some bases of flying bats,some Narnian talking beasts (old wee toys) and a biggish ( from a cracker?) spider.Finally some Minifigs dark age figures to be used as Laketown folk etc and a couple of Mythical Earth rangers.
Now for some 54mm stuff- the mended Swiss cyclists in the background,some more Austro-Hungarian cycle troops with folded bicycles on backs and finally some Crescent etc  Army Red guards with the good honest feel of old toy soldiers.
It has been a good weekend, back to work tomorrow...


  1. A good mix on the paint table...glad you enjoy the garden. To me it's a job and blooming (sorry) hard work rather than a hobby and I rarely lift a finger in my own patch (much to the wife's annoyance).

  2. You're gardening in shorts, in Scotland! I'm both impressed and jealous. ;) Your garden is shaping up nicely. My wife and I got our first seedlings into the ground this past weekend. I can now reclaim a large area of my gaming table, used to house seedling trays these last few weeks!

  3. Oh, well dug, Sir! Piers Plowman/Gerard Winstanley/Adam/Old Muck Hobden - you name them, all history's greats did their share of digging. Of course, I only say that because I, too, was digging this Bank Holiday. But, not, sadly in the same type of beautifully constructed raised bed! All power to your knee and lower back!