Monday 19 May 2014

Off with their heads and on again soon...

I have been at home today as it is an Edinburgh Monday Holiday. Most of the day has been consumed with work related paperwork but some time was devoted to other things of a more agreeable nature. Reinforcements arrived today-
Some did not survive the journey and some have a propensity to fall apart if touched but they will serve I think.Please note the very fine model drill in the foreground.
Here are some of the figures after the fine drill from the previous picture was used. I intend to fit metal heads to depict Danish infantry of the 1880's.More on this project soon I hope...


  1. Drilling the troops, eh? A great way to convert them to something you want and make them your own.

  2. A nice haul. I like the way this project is going.

  3. Was this to celebrate the 478th anniversary of the beheading of Anne Boleyn Alan?