Sunday, 11 May 2014


Sunday Morning.
I had a most enjoyable visit to Carronade yesterday. Although I didn't see as many of my fellow wargamers to talk to as I would have liked it was an excellent trip.There were many interesting game to see including an impressive one in 54mm  with loads of Napoleonic figures on the tabletop.
What caught my eye was an ancient battle between Thracians and Macedonians fought over a dry river bed with accompanying dry looking terrain.Not only was the game a visual delight but the players were keen to chat .After all ,engaging with the public is an essential part of putting on a display game.Of late at shows I have found myself standing at a table watching with interest only to be ignored as players pour over the game- something more appropriate for club or home games.When I have put on games at  shows in the past the conversations generated were almost more important than the game,something  vital to get new people into the hobby...
We popped back a few times to see the game progress and I hope the Thracians eventually won. They were using rules by Crusader Miniatures which look interesting.Here is a photo of my purchases-
A 50p White Dwarf from 1997 bought for the jousting rules inside and an interesting set of rules.
The rules were being sold by a very friendly chap called Paul.Here is a link-
Th game looks most interesting and one can up load a picture of your painted figure to the website and have it's stats worked out and a play sheet prepared to aid gaming.Straightforward rules scenario based- just what one needs.
My regular opponent and I went looking for a wee project to get our gaming back on course and Valhalla was just the ticket.I bought the rules whilst my regular opponent bought a boxed set including Saxons.I intend to use some Dark Age Scots I already own.We are working towards a games in six weeks or so...I can't wait!Do give the rules and website a look!You won't regret it!I wish Paul every success with his excellent product...


  1. Hi Alan I am glad that Cannonade was good for you and nice buys. I too have Valhalla and actually played a game on Friday last. The game is wonderfully simple, or I am missing something, and very enjoyable. Sign up to the website as there is more than Vikings and Saxons to play.I think you will enjoy it

    1. Hi, This is Paul Brook. No you're probably not missing anything. I've deliberately tried to keep the rules as simple as possible. I want players to have to thing about their tactics not about how a particular rule works, During play testing people came up with all sorts of special rules, but I really wanted to keep the game as simple as possible so that hopefully it would be more fun if you didn't have to keep referring to the rules every 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy my game, let me know how you get on.

      Cheers Paul

  2. The Valhalla rules look interesting , I had a game of Saga recently and found them a bit complicated - so these may be an alternative .

  3. Hi Alan,

    Many thanks for mentioning Valhalla. Do keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

    Cheers Paul