Thursday, 29 May 2014


Real life has got in the way of almost everything at the moment.Work is overshadowing most of my time and energy and morale is a tad low. Things were boosted by the arrival of these splendid chaps who were waiting for me when I got home-
I can't wait to paint them (though it may be some days at least before I can start on them) and see them in action.More info can be found at

where more of these quirky figures can be seen. Although tired, I have really enjoyed thinking of a background for these fellows which has grown and grown over the last few days of train journeys to and from work. Notes are being scribbled and flights of fancy jotted down.So much fun can be had in our hobby by planning and preparing scenarios and backstories.


  1. Very interesting miniatures there!

  2. quirky is a good word for them :)
    I hope they help with your morale. Have fun!

  3. Great figures. I like the old fellow on the right with his hooter sticking out of his helmet.