Thursday 16 April 2015

French v Danes Nov 6 1806- help needed

Can anyone tell me what French units were engaged  in the fight with the Danes on that date? I know the Danish units involved but need the French ones.


  1. Hi,

    From what I've read, France and Denmark did not actually come to blows. Nap did threaten to invade with Bernadotte's I Corps if Denmark did not become his ally, but the British acted first to destroy the Danish fleet, which threw the Danes into an alliance with France.

    French OOB (from Nafziger's library of OOBs, now available for free):
    I Corps: Maréchal Bernadotte
    Division: Général de division Dupont (7,000)
    Brigade: Généraux de brigade Rouyère, Legendre
    1/,2/9th Légère Regiment
    1/,2/32nd Line Regiment
    1/,2/96th Ligne Regiment
    6/, ll/1st Foot Artillery
    1/2nd Horse Artillery
    Dets. 3rd (bis), 5th Principal & 8th (bis) Train Battalions
    (2-12pdrs, 8-6pdrs, 2 Howitzers)
    Division: Général de division Rivaud (5,800)
    Brigade: Généraux de brigade Pacthod, Maison
    1/,2/8th Line Regiment
    1/,2/45th Ligne Regiment
    1/,2/54th Ligne Regiment
    1/8th Foot Artillery
    2/3rd Horse Artillery
    Det. 2nd Principal Train Battalions
    (4-6pdrs, 4-3pdrs, 2-7pdrs)
    Division: Général de division Drouet d'Elron (5,600)
    Brigade: Généraux de brigade Frere, Wrle
    1/,2/27th Légère Regiment
    1/,2/94th Ligne Regiment
    1/,2/,3/95th Ligne Regiment
    2/8th Foot Artillery
    3/3rd Horse Artillery
    Det. 2nd Principal Train Battalion
    (8-6pdrs, 6-3pdrs, 2 How.)
    Corps Artillery Reserve:
    6/8th Foot Artillery (6-l2pdrs)
    ?/3rd Horse Artillery (6-3pdrs)
    Det. 2nd Principal Train Battalion
    1/1st Pontooneer Battalion
    4th & 8th Artisian Companies
    8/2nd Sapper Battalion
    Total for Corps 34 guns

    Corps Cavalry: Général de division Tilly (l,500)
    Brigade: Général de brigade
    1/,2/,3/2nd Hussar Regiment
    1/,2/,3/4th Hussar Regiment
    1/,2/,3/5th Chasseur à Cheval Regiment

    Is this what you wanted?

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    Chris Johnson

  2. Thanks Chris.
    There was a smallish skirmish/battle due to confusion and the dark.The French mistook the Danish uniforms as Prussian and fire was exchanged. French hussars then got involved .
    Actually I want to use this as an excuse to paint up Danes I have had for years and years in 28mm (bought for Koge 1807) and use this as "what if" to allow me to fight Danes v French in a smallish Napoleonic game set up.