Saturday 25 April 2015

Quo vadis?

Its Saturday morning here in the Duchy. The excellent  weather of late has broken and I can hear rain as I type. Jan's first chemo went well but she is still at the stage of feeling miserable and very  off.Yet she remains so"up beat" as she goes through all this again.

I have been planning and thinking about hobby ideas in the odd moments been domestic and work matters this week. I have been thinking of what to do next with the ideas/lead pile. Is  worth setting out on a bigger project and moving it forward with small steps or to try something less ambitious...

The following have been considered-

  • Big Portable Wargames rules projects in 1/72 .One being a tankfest between Army Red and Army Black on the eastern front. The other being a tankette and infantry game between the Duchy of Volare- Cantare and Austria set in the mid/early 1930s. This project would be on a gridded cloth with plastic figures and tanks. Easily set up,gamed and put away it has much to commend itself not to mention time satisfaction in terms of one tank/two or three infantry painted equals one unit to play with.
  • Norway 1809 - loooong on the back burner . 28mm Napoleonic Norwegians v Swedes- very,very loosely based on the battle of Trangen . I have all the Norwegians,files of information and could build/buy the Swedes over time. This project with involve 24 figure units and a lot of work . Terrain would be a simple wintery theme.Rules would be that thin booklet (can't seem to lay my hands on it now) with a title like simple napoleonic wargaming. based round the Peninsular War it has lots of photos of a game with smallish armies painted in shiny style probably by Bruce (?) somebody?
  • Do bits and bobs as energy/time allow and try to get a balance of solo gaming and painting /modelling on a number of fronts...
Decisions decisions,we shall see...


  1. Over recent years I've tried to concentrate on only one or two projects as I find I get the most done this way - however it has NOT been erntirely successful as I look round at my chaotic painting table ! ,Tony

  2. If I recall, Simple Wargame Rules by Barry Edwards might be the set you're thinking about. I used to have it years ago, but foolishly sold it.

  3. Simplicity and a few projects have a lot to commend them. I'm in the closing stages of my VBCW collection - just a few Boyes AT rifles and 2" mortars and that's it. It does give me a sense of satisfaction when I complete a project.