Wednesday 15 April 2015

New additions to the Ducal Library and an old friend

I've got some new additions to my library -
A splendid annual publication on old toy soldiers ,fascinating articles and photos.
An addition to my aid my 18th century Spanish project in 40mm and a most interesting read.
Finally an unexpected gift from a friend-
Looks a good read and one I shall read on my commute when I return to work next week.
Finally an old friend which I have been rereading (today) looking,not for the first time,at its potential to inspire some medieval/fantasy gaming-


  1. Nice reading! That Spanish fort bears a strong resemblance to the African tembe.

  2. What an excellent selection of books! Plenty to keep you amused for the next week or so.

    All the best,


  3. I agree, some great additions to your library. Enjoy!
    I have a copy of Farmer Giles of Ham, with Pauline Baynes' illustrations)