Friday 3 April 2015

Hols have arrived

Today is the first day of my Easter hols.With starting a new job it is my first break since Christmas. I find myself looking forward to being on holiday but also looking forward to returning to work for the summer term- something I could hardly ever imagine thinking when I was in my last job. I cannot recall when I last found my work so enjoyable,challenging and satisfying.I am fortunate .

Hobby plans begin with having a rest and domestic matters but then to take a few projects forward. I am still enamoured with the semi flat homecasts. I have a growing collection of them to use in the wars of Counterpania and a new idea of utilising my Prince August chaps too-
As readers of this blog may recall I have become interested in matters Spanish over the last couple of years with my weekly Spanish lessons (not to mention tutors and fellow learners) keeping me sane in my old job.As I have changed regions I no longer have the lessons but I have decided to add some Spanish element to my gaming. I will paint up some Prince August figures as Spanish in North America and use my native American homecasts as opponents. The project is inspired by the Spanish expedition to Nebraska.
A long term idea is have an imaginary 18th century Russian invasion through Alaska into Spanish territory partly inspired by the garrison of Catalonian Volunteer companies at Nootka on Vancouver island- but that is definitely on the back burner!


  1. Hope the weather is better with you than us - had planned an expedition into the darkest recesses of the garden - but it's raining : ( I'll have to set up a game instead ! : )

  2. Raining here too but brightening up.Go for the game I say.

  3. Enjoy your holiday ... and it was good to hear that your are feeling more positive with regards to you work.

    All the best,


  4. The weather on Vancouver Island is much better than the weather here at the moment, wouldn't mind going on campaign there for a while myself!

    Glad to hear that things are going well.

  5. Enjoy your holiday, Alan!

  6. What is this "rain" of which you speak?
    Sounds like your new job is just the ticket! It's great to be able to look forward to going to work.
    And your hobby/game/miniatures plans sound like good fun.

    Happy holidays! (no holidays for me until end of May - what we call Memorial Day in the US)

  7. Very interested in this imagi North America . Parallel developments as it's exactly the idea I've also been developing even down to the fascination with the dragones de cuera. The idea of a Russian expedition down the west coast or adventurous French and British forays across the continent long before Lewis and Clark adds to the mix.