Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A letter from an inn near the frozen city

Dear Uncle Bert
Just back at the Inn.What a day.Erik the wizard decided to check out this creepy mausoleum today. After a grumble or ten we tagged along. Rolfe and me were hurt but are ok. Fog everywhere couldn't see a thing.Few of our shots were successful. Poor Arold was in the wars again but lived to tell another tale. Tarragon our ranger,who has just joined us fought well and has some scars to add to his collection I'll say. What with skeletons swarming everywhere and a nasty demon in a bottle thrown at us we were lucky to make it back with two piles of treasure.Erik added another magic book to his growing collection. Poor Cassie our hound was badly hurt and will need to rest at the Inn the next time we visit the frozen city. Must close now as my crow in a basket is getting cold.
Your humble nephew
Another enjoyable game,thanks Richard.


  1. Sounds a great Skirmish - you do need more photos Alan of the Scenario as it sounds excellent. Regards. KEV.

  2. Sounds like a proper scrap.
    The crow in the basket intrigues me to no end.

    1. McCurdy Harris has published the definitive collection of letters from Felstad ( four volumes available from T & T Clerk) I believe. The "crow in a basket" is mentioned in a three page footnote, where it is described as a meal of fried crow pieces served ( in a wicker basket on hessian cloth) with accompanying vegetables (also fried) and diverse condiments.It was eveidently a staple of inns near Felstad at the time.

  3. Curious to see where this is going.

  4. I am amused. Really, I like this letter and the humorous style.

  5. I see a Fog-spell in action
    Fun AAR