Saturday, 14 May 2016

War game holiday centre malburian rules jacobite amendments?

Does anyone have amendments to these rules for using highland clansmen?

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  1. Alan, I don't have anything specific (or I can find quickly), but here are some notes from Barry Hilton.

    Notes on troop types used.
    Half of the Irish and English Jacobite militia should contain 50% pikemen

    All regular Jacobite cavalry and the English Williamite Horse (not Dragoons) kill on 4,5,6 on a D6 1st round of melee against other horse or 3,4,5,6 against Foot if WHC rules are used. If 1644 increase the HC factor to 4

    All Highlanders and Irish Jacobite foot get +6 melee bonus in first round of melee(normal is +4) or if following up(WHC) or HC Factor of 4 if using 1644.

    Highlanders move at 6” normal move, 8” charge move.

    Highlanders test to charge when under artillery fire. 1st round 6 on D6 = charge nearest enemy, 2nd round 5,6 etc.

    Highlanders have only 1 round of musketry or can withhold and add an extra +2 to 1st round melee(WHC) or HC 5 if 1644

    Also have a look at these,

    for the Battle of Falkirk.

    Hope this helps give you some ideas.