Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday morning earlyish

Saturday morning and after coffee I popped outside to the garden to build my cane and twine towers.They are for the beans and peas to ascend. Here is a picture-
After the plants were put in the ground I had some time to have a look at some new ECW rules that arrived yesterday-
Anyone tried them?


  1. Good luck with your beans. And good luck with the new rules too. I haven't tried them but I love the ECW era and would love hear how they compare to Pike & Shot or Warhammer Historical.

  2. I put up a bean tipi a couple of days ago, and the plants are doing fine, even in this heat. Good luck with yours. I haven't tried The Kingdom is Ours, since I use Victory With No Quarter, which work fine for solo play, but I'd be interested in hearing how they turn out.

  3. Certainly showing you do have a Green Thumb Alan - Bean Tepis' look a treat...and their Beans will be great for the pot later on. KEV.