Monday, 23 May 2016

Kickstarter arrives

Today on my arrival home from work I was met by a parcel- my TAG renaissance dwarves-
I hope to get these undercoated etc at the weekend. I also got some freebies/extras-

A couple of  lovely wizards and a seasonal fellow on the far right of the picture.


  1. I love those extras. They look like they have lots of character. I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint these dwarves up.

  2. Those dwarves look splendid, a very nice Renaissance feel to them. Looking forward to see them painted, especially the hats!

  3. Shiny! A friend at my wargames club in England has begun painting Landsknechts, and they could outshine a Napoleonic hussar in terms of colour. Enjoy your loot!

  4. Excellent! I have always had a fondness for the dwarves (ever since I read The Hobbit when I wasn't much taller than a dwarf myself!). Those ones look great and I'll look forward to seeing them painted up (meanwhile, I still have plenty of KS dwarves to paint up myself!).