Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Mythical Earth

Just setting up a wee solo game tonight-
Gondor defends...
Note to self in light of pictures- repaint/flock bases and edge in brown. 
Probably use Dragon Rampant rules.


  1. How do you find DR for solo games?

  2. Minifigs? I loved those old Minifigs. My first minis were 70s era Minifigs. I wish they were more easily obtained. I'd love to do a retro project using them.

  3. Lovely o!d figures. There is just something so visually appealing and honest about them.

  4. They are indeed Minifigs- Mythical Earth range which I first collected as a school boy and transported to my opponent's house in a cardboard shirt box.I do find DR work well for solo games.