Saturday 11 February 2017


Today began with the final demise of my washing machine.It has been a tad ropey for some time. Baling out the water was ok if tiring and I have ordered a replacement.
Next week I have a game of Dragon Rampant arranged. I had a wee look at my GW plastic elves-
I thought they could do with a makeover. While I worked I listened to-
This was the first time I had heard the short story "The Birds" by Daphne Du Maurier as opposed to the film.
It's a cracker click on the link to listen to it.
Secondly I am currently enjoying Post Modern Jukebox. They are a reimaging in 30s style of modern classics. Give them a whirl at-
Finally a picture or two of  the made over elves-


  1. Nice, but you can't beat those lovely old ME Minifigs.

  2. I am currently painting some of those very figures. Yours look lovely.