Sunday, 26 February 2017

Memories etc

Black dog been sniffing around all weekend and I have done little hobby related. I was however browsing the web and found this-
I have an original Athena one rolled/scrunched up under the eaves replete with drawing pin holes and blue tac. Along with the Rodney Matthews Elric on dragon it was on my wall for many,many years. It defined the look of the LOTR characters in my mind.
I am currently looking at the LOTR Citadel figures of the 1980s on ebay and am sorely tempted. I have my Mythical Earth collection, my GW figures and my Vendel ones. Do I really need another collection,hmmmm...


  1. Some of the 25mm Grenadier Figures also seem to capture the persona's of Tolkien's characters rather well. I've still got two sets of them, one painted, one not, still floating around here and at my parents' home.

    Best Regards,


  2. Iconic. Much better than the evil Hildebrant drawings which were such a bad influence on miniatures.

    1. Here here Ross.....I can't think of worse illustrations if I try. Those ghastly reptilian orcs!

  3. Tradgardmastare,

    By coincidence I've also had the black dog sniffing around this weekend, and although I have managed to do done basic modelling tasks, I've felt neither the inclination or the enthusiasm to do much else.

    I like the illustrations on the poster. Very evocative, and they seem to match what I imagineed the characters would look like.

    All he best,


  4. Sorry to hear the Canis nigrum has been about.... this grey weather can't be helping. Wonderful poster...I'm lucky enough to have mine framed in the growlery.

  5. I had that poster too! That brings back some memories... it shared the wall with this one all the way through Uni...

  6. Alan,
    Yes- being aware of the Black Dog is the battle won- keeping reasonably busy is the key. I've been in a bit of a quagmire lately - not getting much done other than thinking hard and planning...I want to do SPACE 1889 in 28mm and just recently thinking about doing the Project in 2mm with IRREGULAR figures. Do like your poster LOTR and wish you well on your quest for 1980s figures. Regards. KEV.

  7. I hope you are beginning to feel a little daylight, Alan. Browsing at things that make you happy and sharing them with us is a smart way to cope.
    For what its worth, I heartily endorse a pursuit of the 1980's Citadel LOTR miniatures. I collected a bunch, and they remain some of my favourite miniatures.

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