Wednesday 12 April 2017

George Gush or went the day well?

Today we tried out the 1420-1700 George Gush rules we had not played for over 23 years. Went the game well- you bet it did. The joy of morale tests to be taken- my Burgundians even managed to throw three ones on three D6. Free hack at routing troops and artillery which actually did something. For the Period ( Burgundian wars) the rules gave a much,much better game. It was like meeting an old friend who one had not seen for ages  but with whom the dialogue just picked up so easily.
The element basing did not affect the game and we are keen to try them again soon.
For anyone interested and lacking a copy of the originals here is a link to John Curry's page-
The army lists and play sheet are even downloadable as a pdf there. Go on give them a whirl,as the Likely Lads said "The only  thing to look forward to..."


  1. They really are the best set I've played. I am thinking about a 40mm Italian Wars project to use WRG with.

  2. I think the last time I played these rules was in the late 70's in 15mm. Glad to hear they worked!

  3. I think, maybe, I have played them once...

    Glad to see that you are getting on with them!

  4. Played them extensively in the late 70's through the mid 80's. Aside from aspirin for the morale tests, they were great fun.
    I still use the gendarme descriptor " ...axe, mace, 2handed weapon.." whenever I see a police car approach :)

  5. Good lord, I found I actually had a copy of these rules still sitting on one of my bookshelves - including handwritten notes from the amendment sheet. When I went in for Renaissance gaming many years ago I started with these, but DBR then appeared and saved my bacon. To be honest, I wouldn't play these rules if you paid me - so much complication compressed into such a small book! I recall the morale factors being included as an example in George Gush's excellent 'Guide To Wargaming'. 43 factors? Lord have mercy.
    But thanks for prompting a brief trip down memory lane. I'm glad you're getting pleasure from an old set of rules - just shows what a broad church our hobby can be.