Saturday, 22 April 2017


I am determined (after all it is over two thirds through April)  to sit and read in the garden today in spite of it being chilly the moment the sun is obscured by clouds. I am currently fascinated by this novel-
I am also endeavouring to playtest some portable wargame ancient rules for Bob and enjoying the process.
I hope you are enjoying Saturday whatever you are doing.


  1. Hope your weather outlook clears; we are set for more rain here throughout the week-end.

    The PW ancients set sounds intriguing.

  2. Mine is very enjoyable, thank you.
    I just remarked to Herself that it is a good thing to have a diversity of hobbies as I flitter between assembling an Empress Miniatures 3.7" mountain howitzer and making a saddlebag mounting for my recumbent bicycle.
    Beautiful sunshine here South of Staffs.

  3. I'm glad you're having a relaxing day. We're in the process of packing ready for moving house. All good fun...

  4. No fun in my house today, I'm boxing in a new bathroom suite after an accident put its predecessor out of commission.

  5. Enjoy when you can - 'Winter is Coming' (again , so they say) , Tony

  6. Glad you are spending Saturday in such a lovely way.
    I just got finished doing some clean-up in the garden. I was uprooting some out-of-control hop vines, and I swear some of those roots were so deep that their tips were warmed by the fires of hell.

  7. Happy Saturday and Reading! Similar weather here in Mid-Michigan USA today, but when the sun is out, it is indeed glorious.

    Best Regards,


  8. Some of us down South spent the day at 'Salute'... I didn't spot Bob Cordery, I'm afraid, but I gather he was there. I look forward to your portable playtest!