Sunday 30 April 2017

We sail the ocean blue...

A friend gave me this splendid miniature some time back.It has come in and out of my mind with what to use it for as it sits on the shelf beside my writing slope. 

I really like it and have been thinking of a back story to use it in a water based Dragon rampant scenario for some time.Yesterday in my local waterstone I saw some toy  ( a make beginning with S) seahorses,octopus etc and was tempted.I wonder if anyone else has suggestions for allies/enemies in term of figure ranges? Finally I think it is Ral Partha,can anyone confirm this and give a title?


  1. Sure it is a Ral Partha but don't know the name. Robin (son 1) did a water based warband..... Reaper do loads of suitable figures in the Bones range, Black Tree do some good fishmen, plus some Cthulhu deep ones and monster figures are worth looking at. Also you can get water familiars from a few companies including the old Rackham range which are still in production. Aquarium ornaments are good for terrain.

  2. The Waterstones stocked range of sea horses will be Schleich.