Friday 28 April 2017

Master Classes

Every Friday we have what are called "Master Classes" in the school where I teach. They are to teach the pupils skills such as turn taking,strategy etc. I run a games club which consists of tradition games from around the world such as Well Gonu,Pumpkin Gonu and Surakarta (well worth a go) as well as Chess and Draughts. Today because of this post on Man of Tin's blog -
I tried something different and  it was my first Wargame with the group. Sadly there were no figures available so laminated pirates stood in-
Cards were hastily prepared out of cards and cm cubes  kept track of wounds. It was received with mix enthusiasm but quite a few tried it and enjoyed it. One lad even asked to take a set of cards,chart,laminated pirates etc home at the end of the club.What next?
Thank you Donald Featherstone and Man of Tin for bringing it to my attention. 


  1. I love the 54mm / toy figures on that blog but, as a game, it lacks a little something, unless there's an element of decision I'm missing somewhere. You could boil each round down to rolling a D6: 1-2 Attacker Hit, 3 Both Hit, 4 Neither Hit, 5-6 Defender Hit :)

  2. Alan and Kaptain Kobold
    Thanks for the dice version - brilliant - I never thought of it like that.
    There is very little element of decision making ( but this also works for Solo against an automatic random opponent ). I too find the restriction of only three sword moves a bit frustrating at times especially playing Solo, so throw in some random / chance cards: Slipping over, ducking etc. But it's quick and "knock em down and drag em out" ...
    There must be a way of expanding the grid past three moves but so far haven't found a suitable sword fighting site to learn from and add a few new moves.

    Alan, Glad it went well as a quick school session and interesting to see how some of the class group might develop this with more complexity. There are great simple jousting and individual combat games in the same chapter in the Featherstone book Solo Wargaming.
    Mark, Man of TIN blog

  3. I ordered the book and it arrives today. I have quite a few of the author's books already and be glad to at it to my collection of classics.

  4. One of my favorite war games books. For a similar idea taken a bit further check out the beta version of Flint & Feather.

  5. Dan
    Thanks for your heads up on the Flint and Feather rules - very interesting to see an expanded version of scissors paper stone. Has given me lots of ideas for expanding the duelling game.
    Mark, Man of TIN blog.