Saturday, 23 June 2018

On the workbench 

Last Saturday l based my syw figures or should l say rebased them. I cannot recall the different ways l have based them over the years- individually,in multiple bases,on coins and movement trays. I have gone with 40mm square for infantry and 50mm for cavalry.

They deserve to march across the tabletop rather than remain in barracks awaiting some new drill formations. I will finish these fellows ( two opponents Reichsarmee v Austrians) then see how things lie with the ottomans. The time has come to game and model more,procrastinate less.


  1. Is that a pink or red and blue Herald Guardsman lurking on the table?

  2. I think he is a Crescent figure.

  3. Alan. Rebasing? The 'bane' for all Gamers...finishing the SYW troops will be great. How are the 54mm Conquistadores going?

  4. Can't wait to see some tabletop photos!

    Best REgards,


  5. Splendid...with luck you'll be able to get loads of gaming done.

  6. I haven't done a ton of rebasing, but mostly because I can never seen to make up my mind enough how I want to base my minis to actually do it. Maybe a case where procrastination works to my advantage? ha ha

    That said, I do often think multi-figure stands would work better for me for battles (as opposed to smaller "skirmish" level or individual level games, for which I would always keep some figures based singly). Magnetic bases and movement trays are a poor compromise in my opinion, mainly because they never seem to look quite as good and don't always hold figures very well (plus, you end up dragging around a large base with empty spaces at some point).

    In any case, good luck with your project! From what I can see in the pic it looks like you're off to a great start.

    1. Multi bases work best for me. I have not had too much success with movement trays in the past. I do like single basing for reasons purely of nostalgia.

  7. I admire your moxie. I will never rebase again. I've sold whole painted armies rather than rebase.

  8. I don’t mind rebasing too much. I put music, or a play or Cricket on the wireless and the task moves forward pleasantly.

  9. I do not mind rebasing as long as the result brings me closer to getting the lads on the table.