Monday, 9 September 2019

Play testing Gentlemen Johnny’s War rules for the AWI

We didn’t really find “ Muskets and Tomahawks “ were working for us for the AWI. So we decided to try out the GJW by Philip Robinson and David Bickley. I tore them out of a magazine years ago ,kept them but never used them until today. So temporary card bases were prepared and we got started.
As with all new rules, even those  consisting of only two sides of A4 like these, it takes time to get to know them. After our game we felt they were better than M&T in terms of period flavour and mechanics. A enjoyable game was had and we will definitely play them again. Have any of you used them? How did they play for you?


  1. Not heard of these but they sound interesting .

  2. My, but that takes me back a bit. I'd forgotten about them after all these years. Glad you enjoyed your run through any way. All the best, David Bickley

    1. I have had them for ages kept for the day when l had figures for the period. They appealed to me as accessible, brief and enjoyable. Who would have thought that we would be discussing them on a blog . Cheers David.