Saturday 28 September 2019


Went uptown today. Amongst other business l wanted to speak to the supermarket company where I have my phone account about potentially upgrading and about a technical issue I had. One of my daughters was  there also as l wanted to ask about her phone too. To cut a long story short I was patronised, treated like an utter idiot and left with negative self esteem by the phone employee.It reminded me of the Two Ronnies (?) sketch where the chap goes into the Hifi shop, if you remember it. I am only just coming down from being made livid by the experience.


  1. I have just recalled it was Not the Nine O’clock News.

  2. Yes it was 'Not The 9 Oclock News' , had a similar experience with my phone at EE

  3. Remember the days when customer service was paramount?

  4. My wife and I refuse to deal with male assistants when we visit the Apple Store at Bluewater. The female staff are not only more knowledgeable but listen to what you have to say and answer your questions without making you sound like an idiot.

    Some time ago I dropped my iPhone and thought that I had cracked the screen. The phone shop I bought it from told me that they'd have to send it away to be fixed, but that because I had taken out Apple replacement insurance, the local Apple Store should give me a replacement. The male assistant on the door of the Apple Store directed me towards a female member of staff, who took one look at the phone and asked if I'd had a glass screen protector fitted. When I replied that I had, she pinged it off ... revealing that the screen was still intact. She offered to fit a new screen protector ... but then told me that I could have it done elsewhere cheaper.

    Why can't all assistants do that, and assist customers.

    I hope that you tell the assistant to do something uncomfortable with your phone if you have to go back.

    All the best,


  5. At first I though this would be a post about improving Prince August moulds, but sadly not. I can feel your incandescence and sympathise. Clock the employees name, or even better ask for it, and then contact the head office.... secondly end your contract as soon as you can and tell them why. They won't give a monkeys of course, but it will make you feel better. I've just done the same at Natwest after severe bungling on their part, and appalling customer service. At least you weren't offered slimline salad dressing.

    1. There should be a blog showing vent patterns for some of those molds...

  6. Sorry you had to deal with such bad practices. It might be worthwhile and/or help you feel better if you can leave a negative review?

  7. Sorry to hear about this. As others said, maybe Move your account?

    Not the Nine O Clock News Hi Fi Sketch

  8. If you make a complaint there is just a chance that the assistant will get the training he so desperately needs. If you don't then every customer who comes after you may also have to suffer such abuse.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments and support.