Friday, 27 September 2019

Skirmish at Lantern Waste

Inspired by this game and waiting in for the gas boiler to be serviced today, I set up this Close Wars game. The Northern wildmen have invaded from the North and the Narnian forces are making a final stand on the Lantern Waste. Here are some pictures from the game( which was great fun) with the second one  showing what happened just before the Narnians were swept from the table...


  1. Fine looking game and a great set of rules. Makes waiting for the boilerman worth while.

    1. It certainly did, 08:00 til 14:00 is a long slot. Came @ 13:20, all well. Sometimes a wee simple game is just the ticket.

  2. Looks like fun. But really, did the Narnians really think they stood a chance against such a wild horde?

  3. A fine closing shot - coffee, Close Wars rules, dice, classic figures and a Narnian lamp post ... all makes for a fulfilling and relaxing day waiting in for the boilerman.