Monday, 23 December 2019

Gaming etc.

One of the joys of 2019 has been the fact that I am gaming with my regular opponents every two weeks. Retirement has allowed this to happen and it has been really enjoyable. His house boasts a wargames room mine a kitchen table therefore big games at his and wee ones at mine. This alternation works well. We have concentrated on SYW and AWI ( with ecw added now and into 2020) here and ACW there. Regular gaming has.allowed us to give rule sets the attention they deserve and get to know them. This combined with coffee, lunch and putting the world to rights has made each game most enjoyable. We have learned that what I taught children at school regarding probability is nonsense as the number of ones thrown consecutively on a D6 is incredible . Our last game of the year saw our Union Troops trying to take the heights and encountering Confederates dug in on a sunken road. The end was a draw with both sides battered.


  1. Great pictures of what looks like a splendid battle. I know what you mean about dice rolls!

  2. A good year then. I keep trying to set up regular games with a buddy of mine, but invariably I'm the one who has to cancel or postpone.

  3. Regular gaming with an opponent sounds like terrific fun. While I enjoy my occasional solo affairs, a live opponent from time to time would be a welcome addition. In any case, very warm wishes to your and your daughters this Christmas season.

    Merry Christmas,


  4. You can't beat regular games with a like minded friend. Long may it continue!

    Merry Christmas!