Monday 23 December 2019

Ruler of the Queen’s Navee

Outside the modest home of the Ruler of the  Queen’s Navee  the sailors on guard duty shiver in the cold winter air of Albion. Inside the First Lord warms himself by the garlanded fireplace. Yet unknown to him a small figure lurks in the shadows, who or what he is nobody knows...


  1. A festive scene... Unlike the sheeting rain forecast tomorrow here. I here gnomes are more common in certain parts of Albion, or perhaps it is a faerie like Hobberdy Dick?

  2. Nice figures and scenery; very festive.

  3. That's the tiny figure in the inside - how about the assassin disguised as a snowman? Or the supposedly innocent child (or tiny assassin) with the festive / suspicious package knocking on the Admiralty Door?