Saturday 28 December 2019

Homeguard Mordheim or something.

I was encouraged to tear articles out of magazines rather than keep the whole, it saved space. I have files of them. One I have had for years is the one depicted below “Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring” or Mordheim twins with Warrington - on - sea” by Norman McKenzie. It uses ideas from GW to add role playing ideas into wargaming the Homeguard. Interesting and I deemed it to be worth keeping. All is not to my taste and interest but it is worth pondering on.
Yesterday I finished the Boy Scout messengers/guides/runners for my Homeguard platoon in 54mm.Lovely figures from Replica Miniatures. I am now needing to work out where my Homeguard game is going in terms of rules, style and scenery. I want some role play element but not stereotyping.  Don’t get me wrong I love Dad’s Army and have always done so since my youth. Yet I want a different portrayal of the Homeguard. I’m not quite sure what . Any ideas gratefully received.


  1. Perhaps based on UNIT from Dr Who? With The Brigadier in charge (retired of course)

  2. The "Very British Civil War" game run by Tim Rose at the Working Wargames Day last March might be worth looking into, it involved lots of obscure small irregular units with chaotic differing agendas.

  3. Dads Army image aside, the Home Guard were a strange mix of very young men awaiting call up alongside people in reserved occupations including toughened veterans from WW1 and earlier wars.

    There were also the Coleshill House auxiliary units of stay behind guerilla troops with their hidden underground OB posts. Now there's a story of individuals that might suit role play ...

    If victory comes, One day though your Home Guard HQ shooting range will be a community centre