Friday 13 December 2019

Semi flat 40mm Croats and freikorps?

What do you use to depict Croats and freikorps alongside 40mm Prince August figures? I don’t think they do a mould do they? I fancy a little kleine Kreig in 40mm but it would be nothing without some Croats ...


  1. At a push you could use the Irregular Miniatures 42mm range Pandour (LWSY25); also the Freicorps figs LWSY29/20/31 could be used too. They are slimmer figures but not 'demi-ronde'.

  2. I used the Swedish/Wild Geese Grenadiers (firing and marching poses) and just cut the tops of their mitres down and gave a quick lick of the file over the gaitore tops and painted them as having long tight leggings and a tall, flat topped, peakless black cap. I don't have any good close ups but the pictures here might serve to give you the idea. (ps for irregular cavalry I use the Prussian lancers from the Rosbach range)

    Ross's Pandours

    1. ps I did my Hussars and Pandours as Russians. My Lancers are painted as Saxe's.

  3. Great suggestions,thank you. I will have a think or even a wee experiment...