Sunday 2 January 2022

Charging into 2022

 A sunny day here lent itself to a wee shed rummage. With the mantra “ Buy less, bought enough,play more!” reverberating around my head in a positive way, l found what I was looking for-

These figures were sent for December 2021 and having been checked were stored away . They are 1807 uniform Swedes and were configured using the Charge , Advanced Game organisation as follows-

1 infantry regiment, 1 light infantry battalion, 1 cavalry regiment and an artillery battery.

They will comprise one army for the forthcoming Charge project. Enough to deploy on my table and sufficient for a small but tactically interesting game. Here , in case you have forgotten, is the organisation for an infantry regiment-

The next thing to do is to choose which units to use as painting reference and flag information. The plan, as it stands, is to probably get these professionally painted. I need now to work on a back story for this Swedishesque Duchy, characters and diverse plans…

I am open to suggestions for the above names, backstory and characters as ever.


  1. Napoleonic Swedes seem to be quite popular in the last little while. My mate Mark at 1866 an all that blog is also painting these at the moment.

  2. Tell us more about how you are approaching the large "Charge" formations on a small table size. Will your Swedes be facing Russians or French or even Prussians?
    I find the Duchy of Courland an interesting part of the world for battles in the North.
    As for names there have been some popular detective series from Scandinavian TV or you can always look for the Swedish football or Winter sports teams. Generally film credits are a great source of random names.
    The Mantra 'buy less' etc is an interesting one. While a number of blogs advocate supporting the industry in hard times there is a growing number that are keeping purchases to the minimum. I find a ratio helps e.g. for every two units from the mountain I've painted I can buy a new one. A stricter approach is to only buy new stuff for projects which have nothing in the mountain - it can be quite a motivator to be able to say, "If I just finish these few that projects backlog will be cleared".
    My own New Year Plan is to begin with some stalled scenery projects as these always play second fiddle to getting more troops under the paintbrush.
    Happy New Year and thanks for the regular postings

    1. This Charge project is to use on the dining room table, sorry about the confusion I didn’t make myself clear enough. It is around seven foot when extended and around three foot wide. I intend to use a small number of units but companies can fight independently. I bought some stuff around Christmas which has yet to come but l feel that I don’t want to get loads more stuff. It is tempting, for example I have seen adverts for Slaine figures. I was a big fan in my twenties. The Swedishesque will face a Duchy of Russian nature trying to contain traditional Russian tendencies, army wise, with also an Enlightenment sensibility.

  3. Svenmarck (if it existed then?) as required can offer military assistance two hundred years earlier as per

    Any Swedish regiment should have as many names and allusions from and to ABBA and IKEA as possible -
    - a Bjorn Regiment with a bear flag, etc
    - as many IKEA Billy Bookcase, ABBA song titles and lyrics as possible (I’m not a fan it’s just what came through the family walls in the 1970s)
    - a regiment of Super / Souper Troopers who are the Catering Corps with their soup wagons and meatballs - a Swedish goulash cannon etc.

    1. Knowing me , knowing you I will see what I can do…

  4. Looking forward to these Swedes.

  5. Have a look here Alan.

  6. Buy one new regiment for every two painted. I love it! My problem solved!!!!

  7. 'Buy less, bought enough,play more!'That is rather where I am up to. I bought excess last year for lockdown and it still winks at me for attention! I know some traders did quite well in lockdown, but I have often wondered whether what we were really seeing was just future sales brought forward. At some point we have to deal with that lead mountain. Look forward to seeing your Swedish contingents.

  8. I began first lockdown being very creative but that has fallen away somewhat…
    My lead mountain shames me. Also the way I didn’t label any boxes prior to putting them in the shed means I have no idea where things are.