Saturday, 29 January 2022

Misty Mountain Hop

 Set up a wee play test today of MJT’s fantasy rules-

Gadarast the Tawny helps defend the Shire against unwelcome visitors-

However off Virtually to this first-

I had tickets for this exhibition prior to Christmas but had to cancel the trip. Today’s event will make up for not getting.


  1. Nice figures on the table - I particularly like the Wizard. Let me know your thoughts, after your virtual trip. Enjoy!

  2. Hope the game is as good as it promises based on looks.

  3. Yes! Another Middle Earth battle, I love these! They make me want to invest in some wolves.

    1. Wolves have lots of gaming potential, well worth thinking about getting…

  4. Wolves - very useful dual use for Silver Bayonet?
    Clever dual use big square, small squares self made gaming mat too!

  5. The mat is the underside of an old DBA game mat which came in a box with terrain many years ago as a set from a company. My grid reminds me of a school gym hall with lots of different coloured markings for different sports. I am going to add markings for bigger squares this week…