Friday, 7 January 2022

Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening in Albion


Thomas and his faithful dog Rex have been out in the woods all day looking for something for the pot for supper. Suddenly Rex stops, he growls and won’t go any further…

Through the trees Thomas can make out a strange machine and bear like creatures. Thomas and Rex creep forward,closer and closer and closer…

Even closer now they see they are not bears but not people either. The creatures  carry silver weapons and talk in clicks. Suddenly the machine emits a strange sound ,the creatures turn their heads to Thomas and Rex. “Quick boy!” Whispers Thomas to Rex and they stumble away through the snow…


  1. Alert the guard! Hopefully Thomas has a good reputation and is believed.

  2. Not your usual teddy bears picnic.

  3. "if you go down to the woods today......" They look a bit like Dr Who adversaries to me.....

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