Tuesday 21 November 2023

Further progress

 Things in Lurland continue to move forward. Yesterday late afternoon saw me soaking the figures in water ( only up to their ankles ) to remove the cardboard bases. After that I scrapped the remaining static grass and basing material off leaving bare metal bases. Here below you see the figures in the water bath-

Earlier in the day a similar process was completed on the “Romans” but as they had less basing material a quick dip ( rather that immersion for a few minutes) was all that was required prior to scraping.
Later on I was able to stick the “Romans” onto their bases. I glued everything this time with pva which would allow easier removal if that was ever needed. The figures in the top picture are ready for basing and will be based in the coming days…

So far I am pleased with the work undertaken. They figures look good based as multiples rather than on their own. They are easier to handle and will probably be used more as a result. There are lots more to base but l have run out of bases and will have to order some shortly. The “Romans” are partially based on deeper bases which has worked well.

As for further purchases l would like a few chariots ( Celtic) and a couple of elephants and that would probably be sufficient. This is proving to be enjoyable and I am glad I undertook rebasing.


  1. I do think muti-basing is the way to go with flats , much easier to handle and move around.

  2. Some lovely figures Tradgardmastare - I'm enjoying reading about this project 👍

    1. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying it.
      Alan Tradgardland

  3. Must admit this project has me hooked, very interesting, chariots and elephants will be a super addition. There is something about flats that is really attractive.

  4. Flats do have something about them l agree. Good to hear you are enjoying the project.
    Alan Tradgardland