Saturday 19 January 2008

A conversation betwixt Duchess and Duke....

Perhaps it is for the best - we do not know what this year may bring for the Duchy,dearest.
Yes, Tradgardland is at the centre of things and always must be.Our loyalty to the Holy See is paramount in all we are and do under Heaven.
We have our daughter returned to us,husband dear,the future of our family must be secured .There is much to think about. We are now joint rulers so let me take some of the burden of state from you . We must talk and plan but the night is far gone,tomorrow is soon enough.
You are indeed right as ever my dear. Let us to bed before the dawn breaks . This letter means nothing,nothing at all - you and Tradgardland are everything!


  1. It appears that the situation will shortly come to a head. I look forward to future events.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hopefully the Duchess' affectionate support will prevent the Duke to let Tradgarland fall in oblivion.

    (Some Creators seem to change of 'creation' more frequently / quickly than our French President changes of wife... But at least the ex-wives DO survive for everybody else's enjoyment)

    Did not remember Alisona returned? (Must have missed an episode)


  3. Jean Louis
    See my posts for 18th and 20th nov to fill in a little of Alisona's story....