Monday, 21 January 2008

From a memo to Duke Karl Frederick....

The Army of The Duchy of Tradgardland January 1758

On Shetland : 800 men and 6 cannon in two battalions - commanded by Von Genson.
In the Duchy :1st and 2nd Brigades commanded by Von Hertzog and Baron D'Orval -2000 men.
Cavalry Brigade : 300 Heavy Cavalry,320 Dragoons commanded by Von Rasmussen.160 huzzars commanded by Von Esterhazy.
Legione Tradgardland - 500 men commanded by Duc de Padirac.
Artillery Train and general pyrotechnics - Major MacKay and unknown number of artificers


  1. What of Ny Tragardland?

    Rumors abound that Britannia has plans to unleash a great fleet towards the howling frontier!

  2. Hopefully Gallia will defend Ny Tradgarland - a tempting landing zone, just at the right distance from Louisberg?

    We all would enjoy to discover the uniforms of the still unknown units.

    Best regards from MC,