Wednesday 2 January 2008

Raid into Tradgardland - a BAR trial game

The imperium Raiding force consisted of a squadron of dragoons and one of cuirssers.They were accompanied by two units of croats ready to plunder and a medium field gun. The Duchy managed to field two infantry battalions and a small unit of Legione Tradgardland Jaeger. The first picture shows the start of the game.

The croats advanced to secure the enclosure but were opposed by the Jaeger. Whilst this occurred the artillery opened up upon the Duchy infantry causing casualties and great concern!

The Imperium cavalry decided to charge the Duchy infantry ,were fired upon in the process. A furious melee ensued!

The melee ended in the cavalry routing off the field the end was nigh for the Raiding party!

An aerial view of the end of the battle! An enjoyable learning experience!


  1. Keep in mind that morale checks generally are not made unless the unit is below 50% of its original strength.

    My recollection is that in a cavalry melee, the losing side (most casualties in the round of melee) has to make a morale check, but that it is fairly easy to pass on two D6 and a minimum score of "6" on the dice. It helps to attach a cavalry commander to the melee and even better if he has a Veteran or Elite rating.

  2. Obviously a very enjoyable game, and indeed a very enjoyable battle report!

    Good to see Tradgarlander units again (the Jâgers were new for me?), fighting under the proud Golden Herring banner!

    Thanks for sharing, and compliments,

  3. I hope that you found that the rules work equally as well for a smaller action like your raid as it does for one of my humongous games. Bill and I have been talking about painting some Legions so that we can do more small actions with light infantry and light cavalry. I enjoyed your battle report.

  4. It is great to see the photo essay . . . now how about a discussion about how you thought the rules worked.

    Did the movement and shooting seem reasonable? Were the results what you expected? Were the mechanics comfortable to deal with? Was there anything you did not like? Anything that you loved? etc.

    -- Jeff

  5. Yes a good and bad or roses and thorns response to the BAR could be instructive...loved the photos.

    The basic experience of the tabletop can also be enjoyable.